Sunday, 30 June 2013

Garden glory

After a morning at chapel and a barbecue-style lunch, I had to get my hands dirty in the garden!  The weeds are rampant and the recent rain has really made them grow......You couldn't see this beetroot for all the fat hen seedlings coming up between the rows, so I had to rescue that again.

The courgettes seem to attract nettles, so clearing those was a job for the rubber gloves.

The first little mange touts are on the pea plants, and will be harvested for supper tomorrow - can't wait!

These poor runner beans were becoming entangled in all sorts of weeds, so they have emerged again and can start to scramble up the poles of the old swing.

And the chicks are enjoying their time on the grass, sunbathing, preening themselves and having the odd argument amongst themselves - they are entertaining to watch when I had a tea break!

Hope you have had a great Sunday too xx

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