Sunday, 28 July 2013

Relaxing on Sunday

We have had a lovely day today!  I took a service in the north of the area which went well, although I stood in the pulpit, looked across the congregation and realised I was preaching to three preachers and a probationer minister on the organ, and wondered what I was doing up there! They were all very kind afterwards, so I hope it was OK.  My tutor is retiring from ministry this summer, and he very kindly popped in to the church after the service to bring me some Bible commentaries which he is passing on, and I took the opportunity to say my farewells to him.  Rather sad and he will be much missed as he has been a huge support to me.

On the way home, I called in to the Morrison's in Wisbech where I very rarely go, but I do like Morrison's. It might actually be my favourite of those pesky supermarkets!  I snaffled some lovely wholemeal rolls and wholemeal loaves on the reduced to clear stand, as well as some onions, which were what I went in for.  I wound my way home across the fens and called in at two roadside stalls, where I bought some fruit and veg - oranges, cherries, grapefruit, a cauliflower for just 79p, some beautiful tomatoes and then at the second stall, a fresh bunch of new carrots.

Tonight's menu got altered slightly so that the gang had their sausages in the wholemeal rolls, with fried onions, and the tomatoes on the side with some lettuce from the garden.  They thought that they were delicious, and I was pleased as the YFG is usually reluctant to eat wholemeal bread but she said that the rolls were lovely.

The girls went for rather a mini-marathon of a bike ride this afternoon - I reckon they rode for about 8 miles, and were gone nearly 90 minutes.  There was a message on my phone talking about getting a little lost, but they made it home safely for their tea.  The EFG said she enjoyed the ride, but t'other one was heard to be declaring, "Never again!"  We'll see...

The FH and I sat in the garden this afternoon and chatted for some time - the breeze was quite refreshing and it was such a relief from the heat we have had lately.  There was a shower of rain but nothing much here today.

This evening we have enjoyed watching Countryfile and then The White Queen.  I am so glad that the monarchy is more civilised these days!  It is quite interesting to hear "Elizabeth" speak as she is doing a very good English accent and there are only a few expressions and words when one can hear that she is not in fact English.  I have the books out, but whilst the EFG has been slightly tempted, I know that they are not really her cup of tea, and the thought of reading all four of the books has been too much for her - I have read them all, and the girls know that, so they keep asking me what happens, and sometimes I have to admit that I have forgotten some of the more intricate details of it all.  It is very interesting to me though, and I do want to get it all clear in my head again, so I may have to re-read them all.

Let's see what tomorrow will bring - a phone call to BT is on the cards for sure...

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