Saturday, 13 July 2013

Turning cooler tonight

Well, that is outside at least, but inside the house, it is still HOT!  The temperatures today have been around 29.5C here, and the YFG spent most of the afternoon [about 4 hours] asleep after she came home from gym.  The girls have been for a bike ride tonight, but got caught in a shower of rain as they were halfway around the circuit....oh well, I just think of it as "soft" and "refreshing" as it says in All Things Bright and Beautiful, and it didn't do them any harm!

Sainsbury's was closed when we wanted to get some veg this afternoon, because a power failure meant that they couldn't operate the tills.  We had to go to Lidl instead, as did quite a few other people, so they got a boost in trade this afternoon.  I was talking with the FH tonight about Lidl and Aldi and we both agreed that the quality of their products is rather good, as I am sure most of you already know.

Short post tonight as I still have to type the sermon that I have just written.  Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, but do keep safe and healthy in the sun xx


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Hope your sermon went well, we haven't had anywhere near the temps that have been recorded inland. I can't decide if that's good or bad depending on if I'm working or sitting out!

Morgan said...

Hi - it is much cooler still here today, only about 20.5 on the car's thermometer when I was driving home through the fields. Much more pleasant, especially for gardening this afternoon - the weeds keep growing, don't they?!