Sunday, 7 July 2013


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What a scorching day we have had here in the Fens today!  That yellow orb which has been rather reluctant to show itself has been in its full glory today and sent the temperatures soaring.  Whilst it is a joy to feel the warmth on one's back, if the truth be told, it has been a little bit too warm for us here, but the garden is loving it and the veggies are growing like mad.

The YFG has been too occupied today to share any photos with me of her trip.  I went to chapel to take the service before she was properly up, and then she and the FH and UJ went off to Ely Cathedral for her concert before I was home.  Just after she got home from that, she disappeared off with her friend and the EFG for a bike ride, and then she went round the corner to the friend's house for a wallow in the paddling pool there!  She was fetched home in time for supper at 8pm, and then it was time to watch "The White Queen" at 9pm and then off to bed.  

The EFG and I have had a quieter day, and she has been doing some homework too.  I was getting some things ready which I offered on FB to anyone wanting them.  I have a chest of drawers and a desk to de-clutter, and when a friend replied that she would like the drawers for her son and his girlfriend who were moving in to their first flat, I also found some double duvet covers we no longer use [we use a king-size duvet nowadays] and some casserole dishes.  The duvet covers have been out of use for some time so I washed them this afternoon so that they were freshened for them.  I was expecting them this evening, but they haven't turned up so I admit that I am a bit disappointed.

I sat and watched the second half of "The Karen Carpenter Story" when I got back from chapel, as I love her music and think she had an amazing voice - but rather a sad story.  It always gets me.

Tonight we have shared a meal with UJ and he has gone home with part of a Victoria sponge and a lettuce from the garden in return for the gorgeous basket of strawberries he blessed us with!  We had some for tea with crushed meringue and cream in a sort of Eton mess concoction. 

I hope that you are enjoying the weather, and I will be in the garden for some of the time tomorrow, but perhaps I will be doing that later on when it is cooler.

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