Sunday, 14 July 2013

Special days

Today's been good.

The service went very well this morning, even with an impromptu children's address having to be added in off the top of my head.  It was an assessed service, and the assessor seemed pleased.  It was with one of my favourite congregations, and a very welcoming church family.  A very nice way to spend the morning.

The FH spent the latter part of the morning judging the honey entries in a local village horticulture show, and came home having caught up with some friends and had a good natter!

This afternoon, the girls watched a DVD in the sitting room where it was cool, and I pottered a little in the garden, and then my Dad came over for a visit and we all sat in the shade and had a chat over a cuppa.

The girls went for a bike ride whilst I sorted the tea.

This evening's meal was made up largely of leftovers from yesterday, so not too much cooking, but we did enjoy some home-grown potatoes, dug this afternoon, and freshly picked dwarf beans.  

The garden has been watered, the uniform ironed and The White Queen watched [still haven't quite got my head around that family tree - and I have had all the books for some time!] so we are ready for the week ahead.  

I wonder what that will bring?!

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