Monday, 8 July 2013

Up and at it

Such was the heat yesterday that I resolved to get up early today to get things done before it got too hot today, so I was up at 6am this morning, which is early for me.  I had washing on the line by 7am and had watered the garden and sorted the chickens out by 7.30am and the girls were off to school at 8am, so then I cut the front lawn.  Pottering about in the breeze was quite pleasant, and outside was a very civilised temperature.  The sun finally burned through the clouds at about 10am, and boy, it got hot!!  So that was my cue to retreat indoors......but actually, the house had retained a lot of heat from yesterday, so it felt quite stuffy in here.

Paperwork and more paperwork for school, trying to start my tax return, looking at stuff for this week's service [an assessed one, which always makes me nervous!], and receiving a couple of phone calls took up most of the day until I had to fetch the girls from school, in order to take the YFG to have her MMR second jab.  She was very good and didn't even flinch, although I know she wasn't looking forward to it.

Weight-wise, I can record that I am one pound lighter - must try harder!

Exciting news, though - the YFG's passport has arrived - one down and one to go.  We haven't heard that they want to interview the EFG yet, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will hear something very soon.

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