Friday, 26 July 2013

Good news and some less encouraging

The insurance assessor was here bright and earlier than anticipated, a very nice chap who sorted it all out and made us a settlement offer for the work to the fireplace straight away.  Thank goodness some things are straightforward.

The BT engineer who was coming between 8am and 1pm didn't.  I waited until 4.30pm and then hung onto the mobile phone for about 12 minutes, mindlessly listening to the ringtones and a recorded message before a very earnest chap in India told me that there is a general fault in the area which the engineers are working on and it will all be sorted out "very shortly".  In the meantime, he has diverted the landline calls to my mobile, and assures me that the engineer doesn't need to come to the house.  Oh, but he does, I assured him, as the socket is in about four pieces and I need a new one!  Some team will ring me on Monday, he promises me...we'll see.

Thank goodness for dongles and mobiles.

The sun has shone and the FH's warfarin is doing well today, and the house is a little tidier.  The EFG is babysitting over the road tonight, and it has been lovely to watch some athletics from the Olympic stadium tonight too.

There are some good things happening, you see!

I've also been thinking about the princes in this country and how we have more of them than we'd think, but perhaps more on that tomorrow.  God bless baby George, anyway xx


menopausalrunninggirl said...

Re BT: Don't be fobbed off. There is no general fault in the area- other than loads of people (including moi) have had their modems fried in the storm the other night. They are overwhelmed with callouts at the moment (said the engineer who came to see me yesterday)- persevere my dear and get them to get their backsides out. Glad to hear your fireplace will be sorted :)

Sue in Suffolk said...

Why are we always told that life is so much easier than the bad old days. Sometimes I wonder!