Thursday, 25 July 2013

Menu to month end

A rummage around and some ideas from the internet have brought me some inspiration for a bit of a use-it-up menu for the rest of the month with minimal spending.

Today we have had leftover chicken from yesterday's roast, with a vegetable risotto where I was able to hide some past-their-best veg from the fridge as well as leftover greens from yesterday!  Nothing wasted if I can help it.

Friday - I am going to stick a can of corned beef in the fridge to chill for a few hours, and then serve it with hot new potatoes and veg - we have beans in the garden as well as peas from the garden and courgettes.

Saturday - inspired by this post at Sue's blog, we are going to try this Creamy Salmon pasta recipe.  I just bought a small pot of natural yogurt and some fish paste as per the instructions.

Sunday - we have some sausages lurking in the freezer, so they are coming out to be enjoyed with more new potatoes and some salad - lettuce and cucumber from the garden and tomatoes from Lidl.

Monday - I know we have some smoked fish in the freezer so I will be looking for some recipes for Kedgeree on the internet and putting together something that resembles one of them with what I have available!

Tuesday - my favourite - sticky chicken with new potatoes and veg.

Wednesday - we are going to try FQ's recipe for Sweet and Sour veggies but with plain rice.

I know I mention new potatoes quite a lot, and they are expensive to buy but I have been really lucky and have received quite a lot of them recently free from UJ and from the Head Coach at gym.  We also have some grown in our own garden so we have plenty!  We also eat them cold with a dab of salad cream and a sprinkle of chives as a potato salad at lunchtime - they are gorgeous and I do know how lucky we are.

We are eating a little more meat this week, as there were murmurs next week so I think that I cut back too quickly - I shall have to be more gradual as the meat-free meals become more normal.  I am looking forward to trying more and more vegetarian meals, but I think I would have a rebellion on my hands if it went too quickly.  We are finding a better variation of meals which are enjoyed by the family and I am trying to increase my repertoire somewhat - albeit quite slowly!

At this time of year, we are also pleased to be almost self-sufficient in salad and veg, although I have bought carrots today, as well as apples, tomatoes, bananas, cherries and grapes.  I haven't had to buy lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, new potatoes, green beans, courgettes, or salad onions though.

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