Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ups and downs

I sent an email to my Headteacher yesterday saying how glad I was that we are so close to the end of term now because I didn't think I could cope with any more challenges this year.  I should have kept my mouth closed - quite firmly....

Having spent most of the day in school, I came home and took the YFG for her piano lesson and sent her in with the class fee - only to get a lovely surprise when I picked her up - the money was returned by the teacher, with her saying that all lessons were free today because we have all paid plenty this term!  I am certainly not objecting to a free lesson, and that £10.50 has gone straight into the savings pot for the month.

The YFG's bus pass arrived this morning, which jolted me into action as I had not ordered the EFG's!  The YFG's is a free one which is automatically generated, but I have to pay for the EFG's pass at £450, so I save into a "Travel Fund" account for this.  I have downloaded the form and written the cheque so we are all set to post that off in the morning.  I will close that account down as a Travel Fund and have to consider whether to keep it on but use it for some other purpose or whether to actually close it at the bank.  The YFG has Y10 and Y11 to do with free passes before I will need to have the money ready in July 2015 for her Sixth Form bus pass - but they will probably have put the cost up by then.

The meals for the week are working well - tonight's soup and then cheesecake has been appreciated and the frittata on Monday was gobbled up most enthusiastically so that will go on the menu again. We don't seem to be eating as much in this heat, and I am eating FreeFrom pitta breads with tuna or tongue, and then filling up with lettuce, beetroot and tomatoes - one of those fills me up quite well!  I did have a chicken salad one evening when I used up a lonely half a chicken breast from the freezer.

We went to Sainsbury's this evening whilst the YFG was in the piano lesson, but we bought more drink than food - the FH is unable to take much liquid in a day because of all the diuretics he is taking, so he is restricted to about 1.5 litres in a day - for any and all liquid intake.  He hates plain water, so we bought him some lemonade, ginger beer and lime cordial to keep him going in this heat.  All as cheaply as we could, looking for the bargains!

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