Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Plans change

You will remember that we were planning to go to York on the train tomorrow for an Open Day at the university - and the train fare was going to be £192.  Now you will notice that that is all in the past tense!

We have established that the train fare would be much cheaper on a Saturday [£133] and perhaps even cheaper if we can buy Advance tickets.  Consequently, we are going to go to the September Open day which is on a Saturday.  That will be a relief for the budget, and for me!

(image from en.wikipedia.org)

York - above - Aberystwyth - below.

(image from commons.wikipedia.org)

Aberystwyth is the other Open Day the EFG wants to attend and there is one in October, also on a Saturday, which means that I will drive over there on the Friday and stay the night before.  Since it is Sunday the next day, I have to say that I am tempted to stay two nights and then come home on Sunday!  If anyone can recommend any reasonably priced accommodation in the area, I would be interested.

The YFG has been busy packing her case for her trip to France and the battlefields on Thursday - I have some euros for her from my dad, and she has got just about everything she needs now, bar the packed lunch!  The end of term is always a busy time, with trips and performances and events - she has a concert in Ely Cathedral on Sunday afternoon, a concert at school next week, and one more local trip.  The EFG also has a trip on Friday, but they are just going to the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge for Biology: fingers crossed for good weather.  I will be quite glad to get to the end of term and know that our time is our own for six weeks!

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