Saturday, 20 July 2013

Kitchen time tonight

Having found Jack's recipe for Pasta All Genovese tonight, and being in need of inspiration for supper today, it was a happy coincidence that I could pull together most of the ingredients for it!

I used home grown freshly picked green beans [free], home grown cooked-yesterday new potatoes [free], value spaghetti, a clove of garlic, a couple of ounces of very strong cheddar cheese and 2 teaspoons of mint sauce.  I didn't have the basil and fresh mint that Jack's recipe calls for, so I improvised a little, and mixed the mint sauce with the crushed garlic, and loosened it off with some of the water from the pasta before stirring it through the cooked spaghetti/beans/potatoes and topping each bowl with a sprinkle of cheese.  Minimal cost, maximum taste and the fussiest of the three I fed it to declared it "rather good" [YFG].  Thanks, Jack!

The FH's gout is still very sore and he is resting in bed.  I am keeping him dosed up on the codeine and the paracetamol, with topical applications of soothing menthol cream to the affected area.  I am also making him walk, with his crutches, through to the back bedroom and back at least every 90 minutes so that it doesn't stiffen up too much. He has totally lost his appetite though, which yesterday I put down to the heat.  Today it has been much fresher here, but he has probably eaten even less.  We are making sure to keep him hydrated though.

Feeling very fed up of bought carrots going rotten too quickly, I have a new idea, which I have used these past three weeks and thought it was time I shared!  On purchase, I peel and chop the bag of carrots, usually about a kilogram, and store them in water in a lidded plastic container in the fridge.  They keep beautifully and the up side of this is that they are ready to cook each day as soon as I want them.


Wannabe Sybil said...

Morgan - just a thought, uncle thought he had gout and it turned out he had cellulitis and is now on IV drip. If the gout continues please get checked (tho it probably is gout, which is horrible, just if it continues). Wishing you and all with you well and lots of hugs WS xxx

Morgan said...

WS - thank you for that; I am fairly sure that it is the gout, as it has reappeared just as it was the October we went to Burghead, but we are prepared to go to the doctor on Monday if necessary, just to be sure.
Hugs to you and yours, and hope Uncle is soon on the mend xx

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Hope FH is on the mend. Another idea for keeping bought carrots is to take them out of any bag and lay them on an old but dry clean T towel in the salad drawer of the fridge, cover with another T towel. They will keep for weeks like this.

Jo said...

When the carrots start looking a bit dodgy, I cook them, drain well and mash. Then divide into little bags and freeze. I can't stand the taste of frozen carrot normally, but it seems to taste "normal" if it is mashed. It is also an instant (just nuke) veg on really busy nights or can be added to soup etc.