Saturday, 13 July 2013

Early morning sunshine

I thought I would show you how the garden is growing this fine and sunny morning!
It also helps me to be able to look back from one year to another and see how things were doing at a particular time of year.

This is the largest courgette on any of the six plants - perhaps we'll harvest from these early next week.  Must get the ones I bought eaten up soon!

The first cucumbers [Telegraph] are doing well - there is the one you can see clearly, and there is a larger one a little further back - cucumber sandwiches for tea on Sunday, perhaps?

My lovely dwarf beans in the troughs get the sun all day and I do give them plenty of water.  They are a variety called Ferrari and do seem to grow quickly.

Peppers - these are the ones I bought fairly cheaply from Tesco, and they are producing well already.  I think we will be eating some of these next week.

Raspberries - our first decent crop, and I had to pick and freeze some yesterday morning before they were all eaten by people grabbing a couple on the way past for a snack...

Runner beans up the wigwam - doing well and beginning to flower.

The next crop of dwarf beans just put out this week.

Shadow had accompanied me all around the garden to take the photos so she must have thought she needed a lie-down after all that exertion!


The Squirrel Family said...

Everything looks so healthy , my runner beans are nowhere to be seen not sure if they failed to germinate/eaten by mice/attacked by slugs. May plant some more but probably left it too late now

rabbitquilter said...

What a fabulous array of veg!! My tomatoes are like the Triffids in my new little greenhouse!! I have cut the tops out and regularly pinch out the stray growth at leaf level, but they are taking over!! Just hope they produce tomatoes too!!! Nothing on the cu's or pepper yet but they look pretty good!! I'm abit of a novice at veg growing!! They have 2 chances, grow - or not!!!!

Morgan said...

@The Squirrel family - my runner beans have been a bit hit and miss and I have two lots growing now, so I am hoping for some beans by September!
@rabbitquilter - it sounds like your tomatoes are way ahead of mine! Just having planted them out, I am hoping that they will take off soon. We have used Tomorite in the past to give them a boost but I haven't seen any yet this year, so I bought some Baby-Bio in the hope that that might help. I think the cucumbers could do with a touch of something too as the leaves are a tad yellowish in places. Wondering about getting one of those little wormeries where you can extract the liquid and use as garden fertiliser...