Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A getting-stuff-done day

The day started off bright and early with the chap coming to empty our cesspit at 7.25am, which we had prepared for last night by digging out the lid of the pit, clearing the driveway, and getting the rubber gloves and hose pipe at the ready.  The cheque was even written last night too, so I was ready!

Whilst I was waiting for him to come, I pottered about and hung out a load of washing, bunged another load in, got the chooks food and water all ready to go, and then did a little more weeding of the gravel driveway.  I watered my plants in the greenhouse as well - I felt like I had done a day's work by 8am this morning.

I have potted up my pepper plants as some of them were still in tiny plant pots and they badly needed moving up to larger ones.  We have a good array of peppers coming through now, and I know that there will be chillies later in the season.

The girls wanted to think about the holiday and what we are going to do together, so we decided on a cinema visit, probably later this week - going to the Tesco site to exchange some vouchers for cinema tickets, I was pleased to find that all Cineworld tickets are currently just £2.50 in vouchers, whether for adults or children, so I changed enough for two visits, and the vouchers are now printed at home, so we don't even have to wait for the postman to bring them - they are here already.

Talking about printing, we have also found, printed and filled in the form for the next academic year's 16-19 Bursary for the EFG, ready for enrolment day in September.  She had it this past academic year as well, and it has been helpful to her. She will save this year's bursary up and have a little nest egg for when she is off to university next year and needs a new laptop, perhaps.

A trip to Oxburgh Hall or Wimpole Hall is probably also on the cards, which will be "free" with my National Trust membership, and both girls are going shopping independently with their groups of friends - one lot on the train to Peterborough and the others on the bus to Cambridge. Neither of them has much money, so they will be doing some window-shopping, although the YFG is going the day after her birthday so she may have a little spare cash, and the EFG earned some money babysitting at the weekend, so she also has a little spare.

The weather here today is very showery so I was lucky that I did just manage to get the washing dry before the first major shower.  The FH is feeling sorry for himself with a jippy tummy, probably from eating quite a few fresh cherries yesterday, and a sore ankle, still. He has been pottering around this morning but he is watching a film now about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday - an old black and white, I think.

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