Sunday, 21 July 2013

Thank you, my friend

Wannabe Sybil left me a comment yesterday about the FH and her own Dear Uncle's condition.  I am so glad she did.

Last night, the FH started to look decidedly dodgy, and rather like an infection might have set in, but I wouldn't have thought of that without WS's comment yesterday since we were convinced it was just the gout.

When I was trying to get him settled for bed last night, he had beads of sweat on his forehead, he still hadn't eaten much at all, and worst of all, he was confused and not answering my questions properly.  I phoned the doctor's number, spoke with the local locum service, and was advised to get an ambulance.

Two lovely chaps turned up just before 1am, and did a really thorough check, and found several symptoms indicative of infection, so they carted him off.  The YFG was awake, so she came with me in the car behind the ambulance - they started off in front of us, but we caught them up on the way.

In the ED, the admitting nurse also thought there were signs of infection, and took blood tests and did all the usual admitting checks, and inserted a canula in his hand.  At that point, sometime just before 4am, I had to bring the YFG home and get some sleep.

We rang up this morning to be told that he could come home.  The blood tests didn't show any signs of infection but he had an IV of antibiotic anyway, and he is feeling much better in that respect.  His foot is still painful, but he is walking on it more easily.

Having been awake yesterday and this morning for 22 hours straight, it is no wonder that I had a nap this evening, and the YFG and the FH pottered about and prepared the supper.  Fingers crossed that things continue to improve.  And thank you, Sybil, you are a great friend xxx


Wannabe Sybil said...

Sounds like it got caught in the nick of time, glad my alarmism was of use. It is so scary when someone you love is confused. Prayers and good wishes. WS xxx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Also, trying not to be even more alarmist, keep an eye on things. The IV antibiotic may have done the trick, but it may still flare up. Please take care of yourself. They (and a lot of us) would be lost without you. WS xxx

Sue in Suffolk said...

Oh my goodness, what a shock, lets hope things settle down so you are all back to normal ASAP.

Ciao said...

So glad everything worked out ok, my husband has an appt this week at the Freeman hospital hopefully it will be his last. It has been nearly 14 months of ops hospital visits etc. He too has developed gout went to the Drs with it and my last words to him were "mention that lump behind your ear".... Skin cancer he's still got an ear but there was a hell of a hole that took some healing.
God Bless xxx