Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A prince or three

I haven't mentioned much about the recent birth of Prince George of Cambridge
but I am have always been interested in royalty - the whole title and hereditary thing fascinates me.  I read somewhere weeks ago that Prince Andrew was reported to have said that his daughters were the only two "blood" princesses, which is clearly wrong [Anne and Alexandra, at least, with perhaps Louise] so I thought I'd have a look around at the princes, because there are a few more than the ones we see making the headlines, as I am sure you know.

All these photos from Wikipedia:

I'm sure you recognise that trio above - Charles, William and Harry.

Even these two suave looking gentlemen are well known - Andrew and Edward.

But what about these?

Although better known as the Dukes of Gloucester and Kent, these are the Princes Richard and Edward, cousins of the queen and descended from her father's brothers.  As is this chap:

but he is actually known as a Prince, so no prizes for guessing that one right!
Prince Michael of Kent.

And then there is what is called the "Wessex debate" on various websites!  Is Prince Edward's son, James, a prince, or not?  As a male-line grandson of a sovereign, he would have been, but the Queen issued a press release altering things when his parents got married.  He isn't using the title at the moment, but it seems possible that he would be able to in the future if he so chose, so then he would be Prince James of Wessex, perhaps.  Prince number ten!

James with his mother, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and his sister, known as Lady Louise.

(Image from dailymail.co.uk)

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