Sunday, 28 July 2013

Yesterday's ups and downs

The dongle was having a hissy fit and wouldn't connect last night, so all I could do was try to get on the internet through my phone, and as you will see from the last post, that wasn't all that successful!  The "keyboard" wouldn't appear when I wanted to type the main post...

Anyway, apart from that, yesterday was a largely good day in many ways.  With not having gym this week, I was able to work on today's service earlier and got it finished by 2pm yesterday, about 10 hours ahead of the usual schedule, which was brilliant, and meant that I was relaxed enough to have a nap yesterday afternoon after we had been watching some athletics.  The girls amused themselves all day with one thing and another, including going for a bike ride, and making themselves an approximation of a Monopoly board as they couldn't find ours.  I left them watching a film last night when I went to bed to read.

Last night's dinner was interesting - it was the creamy salmon pasta which I was inspired to try from Sue's post, and the recipe itself came from Jack's blog.  The family's take on it was that I didn't put enough chilli flakes in it and that the fish paste made the taste a little chalky but that the lemon flavours came through well and that the girls would eat it again.  The FH's tastebuds appear to be on holiday and he found it very bland and wouldn't want it again, so that's a 66% success rate, I suppose.

There was a lot of rain here last night, but no thunder or lightning that I am aware of, and it does look as if it is blowing up to rain again this morning, although the forecast is only for heavy showers to move through the area, not for any prolonged rain.

I will hope to get back here later on to read your blogs and catch up on your news xx

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