Monday, 28 May 2012

Wrung out

I feel as if I have managed to wring good value from every hour of the day today!  I started out slowly, gathering pace at my own speed, but I have achieved no end and am now happily looking forward to reading for half an hour or so before falling into a deep sleep!

So what have I been up to?

  • Two loads of washing dried in the sun
  • Cleaned the bath, shower, two washbasins and two loos - still have to clean the floors in those rooms though
  • Swept the hall rug with a handbrush and got loads more dirt out than usual...
  • Swept down the stairs
  • Hoovered the landing
  • Cleared all the clean laundry from the airing cupboard and clothes baskets and put everyone's clean clothes on the beds for them to put away; I put all mine away.
  • Hoovered my bedroom floor.
  • Had lunch, then sat outside in the shade and read a book for an hour - too hot to do anything else!
  • Fetched the chook food delivery, dropped some corn off to a neighbour who keeps ducks.
  • Posted a wee parcel to my dad, and paid my NI contribution at the Post Office too.
  • Strimmed the edges of the front lawn, ready for the FH to cut the lawn, once I had taught him how the mower works - his first time!
  • Washed my car - for the first time since I bought it in January (whoops!) but it looks so lovely now I wish I had done it sooner - I will definitely be doing it again...
  • Phoned the chap about tuning the piano when we come home from the holiday.
  • Cooked the tea
  • Pottered in the garden, dug over half of one of the veg beds until it got too dark to see!
  • Came in and rinsed the dishes so I could load up the dishwasher.
  • And here I am, quite worn out!  I had wanted to get the clothes ironed tonight but I think that will have to wait till tomorrow.
The Volvo is on its last legs and the FH has chosen a wee Ford Fiesta from a local garage so tomorrow I will have to sort out some insurance for that so that we can take ownership Friday before we go away - there is no tax on it at the moment and it makes sense to start the tax from 1st June.  

Hope you have all had a good day today - I am looking forward to this hot weather easing a little in the coming days, although I have no wish to return to the daily downpours we have been enduring before this spell began last week.


Rainbowchild said...

Wow, what a busy day. I bet you slept well xxg

Mrs Thrifty said...

My word, you did fit a lot into a day xx

Mrs. Mac said...

Whew .. I hope you get more time to sit and read :) May your drier weather hold out.

Blessings from Idaho