Thursday, 10 May 2012

I don't want it!

I have just been horrified to receive a new credit card through the post with the latest Contactless technology embedded in the chip!  I knew that my current card on that account was due to expire, but I really didn't want one of these.

I watched a documentary about them a while back which proved that these cards are emitting a signal which could be picked up by someone walking past one closely with a special reader - so someone just has to bump against me in the street, and they could have my information...

Now I know that I don't live in a huge metropolis which is heaving with the criminally minded, but I am not taking chances with this.  It is safely put away in a box in the desk, and will only be used, as it normally is, for purchases made at  home.  I am definitely not walking around with it in my bag.

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