Friday, 4 May 2012

Electrical changes

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Today has been the day I finally found a few minutes to look at the electricity prices!  As we are high users according to Utility Warehouse, I knew that there might be some value in changing to another provider.

Having tracked the electricity usage for 26 weeks or more, I know that our average is 130 units a week.  High, I know, so the first thing is to buy those units for less, and then to continue to work to reduce the number of units - a win, win situation.

I went onto a comparison website and established which would be the cheapest deal.  I found that Scottish Power have a fixed rate deal until next June, and it is an internet only account.  Suits me.  Having inputted our usage at 52 times 130, it estimates our bill to be about £500 a year less than I am paying UW, so I will be well pleased if that turns out to be the case.  I am expecting them to set us a DD of about £70 a month.

In order to make the application, I went to Quidco to see if there is a cashback offer available and sure enough, there is!  Because we only have electricity, I only qualified for that deal, but I should be getting £21 back through Quidco, which is an improvement on the £15 that the comparison site was offering.
The tariff also includes a discount of £10.50 at the end of the year - it will be taken off our bill once we have been there for a year, I expect.

That sounds to me like a good day's work.  Have you saved any money today?

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