Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Super pizza tea

The YFG came home full of inspiration from her Food Tech class, and wanted to make pizza for tea.  Not just a basic pizza, though - she had design thoughts in her head!

She put onion and herbs in the pizza base, and then she made a stuffed crust, and then layered it up with tomatoes and cheese with mushrooms for those who like them.

I was so pleased that she did it entirely on her own - apart from the washing up, of course...but the FH and UJ declared it the best home made pizza ever [excellent - she now has a speciality!].

I wished I had taken a photo.

And other good news - four No Spend Days in a row.  I made a donation to the collection at church on Sunday, and the EFG will have her piano lesson tomorrow, but that is not counted here as "Spending" for NSDs as they are pre-arranged.  I have avoided nipping to the shops for anything, and so there is more money in the purse.  It is just as well, as the current account has dipped quite low as I have transferred a significant amount to savings, and I am determined not to move it back!!

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