Friday, 11 May 2012

Join the Monkees

What this woman did in the last couple of days is truly amazing; she organised a Love Flash Mob to raise over $80,000 to benefit two women with enormous challenges in their lives.  And she facilitated it all, encouraged and empowered people to give just as much as they could, but no more than $25.

Over 5000 people donated a little, and the results are HUGE.  The impact of the event on the two women will be huge, and it will have a lasting effect on the lives of their families as well.

I would urge you to follow this blog, perhaps follow their Facebook page, and if a mission touches you in the future, perhaps you will find it in you to donate a little next time.  Every penny counts, and all the pennies really do add up.  I made a small donation, and that was enough.  When I read of the two women for whom the appeal was being made, I thought to myself how easily either one could have been me.  I have been so blessed with healthy children, and although my own health is not robust, I am in a far better place right now than either of those two ladies.  I truly admire their strength of spirit and their dogged determination to do the best for their families - these are inspirational ladies who deserve help.

I freely admit that many times when I read this lady's blog, I am crying as it is so moving.  Love really does make the world go around.

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