Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Laundry powder blitz

I haven't done any washing since the weekend with all the rain that we have had - all the washing lines were full so there was limited drying space.  However, thinking about putting a load on this morning, so I brought out the home made laundry powder from last week again, and blitzed it well and truly in the Kenwood food processor.  The grated soap has become very much finer in size and shape, and hopefully will dissolve more readily.

I have put on a towel load and they are just about done, so I am off to hang them out and see if they smell of Fairy soap again - that will bring back fond memories of days spent at my grandmother's house when I was a child.  She had green Fairy soap in all the bathrooms and in the kitchen as well. It is still green all these years later; I don't think they have changed the design at all.


silversewer said...

How did you get rid of the soap smell/taste of soap from your liquidiser?

Once I had used it for whizzing soap I would be afraid of it tasting of soap.

Morgan said...

It's fine after a blast in the dishwasher!