Monday, 21 May 2012

Catching up!

There has been lots going on, none of it that exciting though!  Normal daily life with the added stress for the EFG of her exams beginning in earnest - she has now added French to the list of subjects which are finished and off the list!

Biology is on the timetable first thing this morning, and the FH has just taken her to school now at 7.35 so that she is there for 8am for a breakfast last minute revision session with the teacher.  She has done every past paper available for the course - all 16 of them - and has scored at least As for all of them, so she is reasonably confident that she can handle whatever the exam holds this morning.  Since Biology is one of her choices for A level, it is a big deal to her to do well in it.  We have wished her lots of luck this morning.

The YFG has a Maths exam today in the usual end of year type exams - she has also worked hard on her revision, so we are hoping that she can just do her best and do her hard work justice.  She is rather nervous this morning, and worried that if she doesn't do well she will get moved down a maths set, but that is highly unlikely!!

The garden is looking very dismal at the moment - the hens have had to be allowed to range across the grass and the veg areas, since their runs have changed into a mire of mud, and the veg areas, which should have the first shoots of growth in them at this time, are still bare earth.  The hens are helping a little, in that they are keeping the weeds down, but we are not at the stage of growth and development that we should have achieved at the middle of May!  The weather has proved very challenging this month, and we are heartened to hear that this week should bring a week of warmer weather - we hope to get seeds planted this week!  So far behind...

I am challenged this morning as the "b" key on this laptop is not working and every time I want to type that key I have to stop the flow of typing and hit it quite hard - very annoying!  It is also making the writing a little stilted in that I am thinking as I type of words I can use to avoid words with that letter in them....sorry!

On Friday, I went to an appointment with a homeopath in the local town.  I spent two hours with him explaining all my medical history - and it was a very comprehensive and thoughtful couple of hours - I thought I had thought of everything when I was preparing for the meeting, but then I seemed to come up with other things from the depths of my memory!  He came out yesterday afternoon with some remedies which I am to start taking today....hopefully, I will feel more alive and fitter in a few months' time.


Angela said...

Oh I do feel for all those kids doing exams right now!

Hoping you feel fitter soon.

How frustrating to have a dodgy key on the laptop. What a *other!

Hope it is soon *etter, so that you will *e a*le to go on sharing your *rilliant *logposts with us.
hugs and *lessings.

Morgan said...

LOL Angela! Thanks for dropping in x