Monday, 14 May 2012


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Both of the girls have tests today - of very different magnitude!

The EFG has her GCSE French Listening exam today, from 1.30pm for 35 minutes, and the YFG has an end-of-module science test at 11.15am.  

We are now in the midst of the GCSE period - the exams may only just be kicking off really but the revision has been in full swing for weeks, and the folders of past papers have grown thick and dog eared!  She is working hard, and hoping for good outcomes.

The YFG is only Year 8 so hers are still important to her, but not on the same level as the GCSEs.  She is taking them seriously, though, and spent yesterday afternoon with her head in a revision book, and then made herself a comprehensive set of revision notes on the laptop.  She has gone off to school with those tucked into her bag for some last minute recaps on the bus.  

They have both gone to school with Good Luck wishes ringing in their ears.

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Mrs Thrifty said...

Hope they are both doing okay and not too stressed by this awful process. I spent my weekend marking French orals as we now have to do these in-house. I have one doing ASs and another doing 1st year uni exams and and third doing his chartered accountancy exams - what joy! xx