Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What are you up to?

Rhonda asks what we are doing today, as her day has recently begun - tomorrow for me!  So I'm going to tell you what I got up to today!

6.45am The alarm goes off and I go to make sure that the girls get up.

7am The girls and I make it downstairs and start on breakfast.  Sometimes I have to make sandwiches, sometimes they have made their own the night before.  The YFG gets her breakfast - two chocolate Weetabix with milk (the same thing, day in, day out) and I make scrambled egg or an omelette for the EFG to fit in with her diet programme.  In between doing this, I make my porridge in the microwave and go into the lounge where the dining table is.  I usually put Breakfast on and catch up on the news.

7.30am I turned on the laptop and check the emails, the bank, eBay and some blogs!  Replying to the emails, checking and recording the bank balances and inputting my spending into the spreadsheets occupies about 25 minutes until the girls leave the house to catch the bus at 7.55am.  I always wave them off.

At 8am I took the FH a cup of tea and went up to see how he was.  The Colchicine for his gout brought on diarrhoea yesterday and he spent the day in bed, watching Fred Dibnah DVDs, reading and sleeping.  Today he felt a lot better and got up.

Then I went outside to let the chooks out at 8.15am.  They are always delighted to get out in the fresh air and spill from the sheds like little arrows, shooting out to find some food for breakfast.

At 9am, I was back inside the house, having another cup of tea, and going to get dressed in decent clothes!  I never get dressed until I have done the outside chores as I invariably end up muddy and have to change again.  The FH had come down and was getting some breakfast.

This morning I spent the bulk of my time at the computer, emailing with the Headteacher about several situations going on at school, typing up the minutes of a committee meeting which happened last night, phoning the Clerk for some advice, answering a phone call from the Head Coach and accepting the offer of some potatoes from him, and then finalising the spending records and altering the budget for the end of April.  I wrote a blog post about that too!

Lunchtime came at 1pm as usual as the FH settled down to watch the One O'Clock News.  That is our ritual at that time.

After lunch, I got caught up with some housework and cleaned the bathrooms upstairs, swept the kitchen floor, and then did a spot of ironing.  Just a little - the FH has finished it for me whilst I have been out.

At 3pm I left the house, called in at the school, dropped off two letters at people's houses on my way to pick up the girls from school at 3.30pm.  We then dropped "Alice in Wonderland" off at a friend's house as she wanted to borrow a copy for her class on Thursday.

By 4pm we were setting up the gym for the first class to arrive at 5pm.  We managed to get a cup of tea in before the class began and then we were off!  The first class was 5-6pm, the second from 6-8pm, and then I came home.  The FH had cooked the tea for us which was very welcome when we got home at about 8.30pm.  I had the last slice of one of these lovely cakes for pudding!  I made it on Sunday.

And now I have to put the laundry away in the airing cupboard, clear up the kitchen for the night, and retire to bed to read, possibly after a bath.

Hope you have all had a good day xx


Mac n' Janet said...

I'll say it again, I don't know how you do it all. I get tired just reading your Blog! You are a wonder woman.

Morgan said...

I wish I was Wonderwoman sometimes! My health is beginning to suffer and I am looking forward to some time away at half term the first week of June. Sleeping knitting, reading, sightseeing, and resting in general are all high on the agenda....one can only keep up this pace for so long.