Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A little less productive

These late May days are really drawing out now, but I looked at the osprey webcam a minute or two ago and it is still daylight there whilst we are now in darkness - I remember that it stays lighter longer in Scotland, and I am a wee bit jealous, I have to say - I love the light days of summer and if I could string them out longer, I would!

Today hasn't been quite as busy as yesterday, but we have still made progress.  The Volvo ended up at the scrapyard this morning, coasting the last few yards up the road as the clutch actually went as we were on the approach, so that was just in the nick of time!  The smell was quite pungent...We got £130 for it, which went straight to the bank towards paying for the new-to-us Fiesta that the FH is getting on Friday.

I had a little hiccup with the insurance on the Fiesta which is now sorted and the new policy has winged its way to me via email so that I can tax it when I get the MOT certificate tomorrow.

Whilst we were in town at the scrapyard, I went and did a few errands - a quick trip to the shop for some fruit and veg, the banking, and to the yarn shop.  I have been reading on Rhonda's blog at Down to Earth about knitting cleaning cloths, so I have bought some 4ply cotton yarn to make one as my holiday knitting project.  The only thing is that the cotton yarn looks awfully thin, but I have seen that some people knit with two strands of it...I might see how I go with one and then decide.

This afternoon the FH fetched the EFG home from school after her English Language exam and some revision sessions were over.  I heard all about her day and then put in a call to the school to make the powers that be aware of some communication issues which had affected her today - her Statistics teacher had been off sick but they had been scheduled for a lesson/revision session, but no one had put a cover teacher in there.  Then she went to go to an allocated revision room, to find that both of them had been taken over for other lessons.  I was rather persistent with the lady who answered the phone so she put me on to the Head's PA who was very apologetic!

And tonight has been the last gymnastics session for the half-term at the club as we aren't doing it at the weekend, partly because I wouldn't be there anyway but also because of repairs to the gym floor which mean that the room is not available anyway.  I just have the after school class at the village school tomorrow and then I am done until the 12th June.

The weather was rather cloudy and dismal here all day until about 4pm when the sun came out and it got rather hot and sticky here - the humidity seemed to have risen sharply.  I have to say that the coolness of the morning was like a breath of fresh air, and I wasn't exactly complaining.

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