Monday, 14 May 2012

Loving Lidl - a rediscovery!

Our Lidl experience began years ago when we lived in Cupar.  There wasn't a Lidl there, but I used to take the childminded children, along with the EFG, to Silverburn Park in Leven, down the coast aways.  There was a Lidl there, and that was our discovery of the German supermarket.

We travelled to Leven about once a month, and we stocked up on all our tinned and paper type goods there, filling the pantry each time.  I was feeding a lot of people back then - the three of us (prior to the YFG arriving), two minded children five days a week, and up to four lodgers at a time!!

Then, after a few years, Lidl arrived in Cupar and I was set - when the YFG was born and I used the big old-fashioned pram again, I could fit two cardboard boxes on the tray underneath and walk down to Lidl to fill them with the shopping.  Fond memories.

Since moving to the Fens, our use of Lidl has been spasmodic.  Up and down.  Depending on how I felt at the time!  

Dissatisfied with the condition of the fruit and veg in Tesco, and with the EFG eating more proteins at the moment, I popped back into Lidl a few weeks ago.  The fruit and veg is lovely, in good condition and very satisfying prices, and there are lots of different kinds of hams, other cold meats, and some very good fresh meats available too.  

I nipped into town today to Lidl, and was pleasantly surprised to come out with a trolley loaded quite well for only just over £27.  It is always better to go alone so that I spend less.

I supplemented the shopping there by nipping into a bigger supermarket to pick up a couple of organic cucumbers, and that was the shopping done.  Result.

What's your preferred shopping method?


silversewer said...

I used to be a dedicated Tesco shopper until I discovered Aldi, their fruit and veg is so much better than the expensive rubbish you get at Tesco. I now buy most of my groceries from Aldi, omly using Tesco for things we cannot get at Aldi.

We are due to get a Sainsbury store withing the next 12 months which can only be good. Tesco have had their own way in the town for too long, the competition can only be good.

Morgan said...

I've heard lots of good things about Aldi too but the nearest one is too far to use on a regular basis!

I think that Tesco are in for a shock at some point in the future - I think that they already said that their profits are slightly down last time they reported. People are getting their eyes opened to the monopoly situation and thinking with their feet!

The Squirrel Family said...

I use both Aldi and Lidl for things I can't get at the independant shops or the farmers market Aldi cereal is so cheap and DS goes through loads a week (2-3 boxes)

I too love the conntinetal meats and the vegetable quality...............not sure how we will manage after the move both will be a 30 mile round trip!

Varis Creations said...

We jumped for joy (just about) when Lidl built a shop in our town. Up until recently I have been getting a delivery from ASDA once a week but Lidl a cheaper still - and their fruit and veg is far better. In fact I find the quality of virtually all their products excellent. Will be trying use them more now that I have a wee bit more time. Our local tesco is diabolical, it's time they were given a run for their money.

mallowlark said...

I used to prefer Aldi to Lidl, but neither is close enough at the moment for me to fancy cycling there regularly. Most of our fruit, veg, cheese, and eggs come from the local market, with most everything else coming from Sainsbury's. There's a Tesco as well, but Sainsbury's seemed to come out better on most (but not all...of course it couldn't be that simple) of the ethical shopping things I could find, so Sainsbury's it is...