Monday, 7 May 2012

Oh, the relief!

Determined to see if there was another option, I did some very concentrated and deep digging around on the internet yesterday afternoon, and dug up some information which had previously eluded me.  And I was SO pleased!!

There is a 50% discount available on the EFG's annual train fare to Sixth Form college - what a difference that will make!  The current price for the annual ticket on that journey is £1880, so we are looking at only £940 which means that my travel fund stands at just under half of the total amount, instead of only a quarter.

What a blessing!

There was more good news in that I found a city bus route which covers the area where the college is and links to the railway station.  Her train home in the evening is not until 6pm, and she was concerned that the college's free shuttle bus would have her at the station by about 4.30pm and she would have to hang about there, able to do little constructive,  until 6pm.  This news about the alternative bus means that she will be able to work in the college library for at least an hour at the end of the day before making her way on the bus to the station.  This will cost me about £40 a month but the total cost will still fall under the original train fare estimate, and leave me about £400 better off.  And she will not waste that time!

Just now the EFG is working very hard on her revision for the first science exams of the season which are in two weeks' time.  She has completed her GCSE Art & Design, so she has many more hours in the day now to do other things, and we are looking forward to attending the exhibition of all the art pieces at the end of June.  It will be lovely to see all the art hanging properly!  She will then get it home in October.

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