Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tipping the balance

Wow!  Folks, the blog has had over 40,000 page views, and I have made 1000 posts!!  Four years have almost passed since I began this, back in August 2008, and it feels like we have come a long way.  I just wanted to come tonight and thank you for sharing the journey so far - it has been lovely to have you along, and I am very grateful for all the comments and the feedback you share.

I promised a give away when I had got to 1000 posts, and I have been collecting a few small items, but I am hoping to add a little more to that parcel whilst we are on holiday - I do love snooping around different little shops, and charity shops - so I will be doing the giveaway the weekend we come home.

Enough waffling for tonight - see you all soon xxx

1 comment:

Meanqueen said...

Well done for 1000 posts, doesn't time fly. As long as you are enjoying it, that's the main thing. Happy blogging.