Monday, 14 May 2012

Spanner in the works

Just when I thought I had all the after school activities sorted out and on an even keel, the ballet teacher has asked if the YFG would like to do another class a week.  "She's doing very well and could do the exam next March if she attended two classes," she said.  I replied that I would talk with the YFG about it and think about it all - we need to think about how it would fit in and the extra cost implications.  Another evening out of the house, even for a short time, has an impact, and it would involve another hour in town with nothing to do.  OK in the summer when I can sit in the car and read a book, but an hour wasted in winter when it would be cold and miserable in the car park.

Time is the commodity under pressure here at the moment, and I am struggling to accommodate more activities, so there will be more talking before we decide about this.  I am veering, as you can tell, towards the "No" camp!

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