Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spending plans

I have to weigh up two things - I said yesterday that the Grocery spend has to average about £230 a month for the rest of the year and on the other hand, I have a voucher offering a significant 12.5% off from one of the major supermarkets.

The challenge then is to get the most value from that and to stock up on things we need, things we use regularly, and things that won't deteriorate for being kept for some time.

If I spend £80, the voucher will get me £10 off, so I get £80 of items for just £70.  Some people would say that it is a gimmick, a trick, to get us into the supermarkets to spend money.

Sometimes I would agree - every time that I go into the Co-op and no matter how much I spend, I get a coupon for £3 off a £30 shop.  But I don't usually spend that much in there, and their prices are slightly above average, although as I have said before, I do appreciate and admire their ethics.  In these economic times, though, my first thought is for my family's best value.

So this morning, I am going to do my research, investigate our cupboards, look at our meal plan records, perhaps have a look at a few comparison websites, check out the freezer, and think about what we need.  If I do my part, I can get the best value out of that coupon, and make it matter.

Then I will make a list, and probably even cost it on the online shopping website so that I can be sure it comes to £80 and not too many pennies more.  

And will my time be well spent?  Remember for a lot of people that a tax free pound saved is worth more than an extra pound earned!

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