Thursday, 24 May 2012

Plodding through the week

I don't really know what has happened to this seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye and I haven't achieved an awful lot!

The EFG is getting through the exams.  She had to have a day at home yesterday due to an upset stomach on Tuesday night, but she didn't miss anything; she is back to school this morning as she has an English revision lesson and then her English Lit exam this afternoon - 2 hours on Blood Brothers and Lord of the Flies.  I had an interesting 20 minutes last night, trying to have a quiet bath and then having her sitting on the floor explaining all the themes and symbolism of Lord of the Flies - if it helps her to get it all straight in her mind, it's all good, as she would say.

The YFG has had her hospital appointment for her ganglion - which had gone down - and came home thinking hard about her future gymnastics training.  The consultant explained that ganglions are actually painless so the pains in her wrists must be coming from strain on her wrists, most likely due to gym.  As she gets taller, there is more strain on her wrists when she is weight bearing on them (cartwheels, handstands, etc as well as taking her weight on the bars), in fact he told us that for every centimetre she grows, the force doubles.  She is tall, so that makes sense.  Do we reduce the training, change to another sport completely, retire from sport outside school, carry on as she is whilst there is no pain and just rest when there is pain???  Too many questions and hard to know.  She wants to continue as she is, and I suspect that she will underplay the pain in order to be allowed to carry on, which is not right, I know.  More talks required, I think.

I have been doing lots of washing this week to clear the washing baskets whilst the weather is so glorious and line drying produces the freshest smelling laundry!  Two loads out there yesterday, and I think four got dried on Monday.  What shall I wash today?  My home made laundry powder is working well and the laundry is smelling fresh and clean, especially with the line drying effect.

And the homeopathy remedies?  I took the first one on Monday evening, and within an hour I felt very rough and continued so for abut 5 hours!  I was supposed to take the second one yesterday morning but had to go out on a governor training course and couldn't afford to be under par, so I didn't take it until the evening, and then the prescribed dose for last evening has been taken first thing this morning.  Nothing much happening from that one yet.  I have to ring the homeopath tonight to report back, so I'll see if I get told off for not taking them at the right times...

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