Saturday, 5 May 2012

Voucher success

I went to the supermarket and made use of the £10 off voucher last night after gym.  The EFG was with me and we were armed with a list of the necessary items.  I totted up the spending as we were going round so that I knew how much it was going to come to at the checkout.  I wasn't far out, given that I was rounding a little.

I stocked up on lots of tins that the storecupboard was running low on, bits and pieces for the freezer and fridge, and some toiletries which will be used over time.  Then the weekly basics like cheese, quark, bacon and fresh fruit and veg were added and we were done.  Even though I had the voucher, I still didn't buy a few things like cat food that I know are cheaper in Lidl.

The shocking thing was that we had only taken one of the shallow trolleys,  not a huge deep one, and we hadn't overfilled it, and still we managed to spend the £80 required to use the voucher.  It was frightening how quickly the spending added up to a significant sum - a pointer indeed to how hard we have to work these days to keep the supermarket spending under control.


Rainbowchild said...

I agree with how quickly it soon adds up, it's frightening how we are getting less for our money each time we go shopping. Well done on using the voucher to stock up.

A Trifle Rushed said...

Morgan, I'm always shocked at the cost of shopping. My strategy is to take a small trolley and only park for half an hour, but I still find I rarely escape without spending at least £80.00 if not £100.00.
Then I get it home and unpack, and wonder what I am going to cook, there never seems to be the makings of more then one or two meals!

Wannabe Sybil said...

You really need to be a blackbelt at shopping these days - prices are going up so quickly! WS xxx

Lesley said...

You did so much better than me. I had two of these vouchers, having popped into the said supermarket twice last week. It is right by the school, much too convenient! Last week I carefully totted my shopping up as I went around, confident in my ability to count, (I do, after all, have a degree in the subject.) When I got to the till, I'd spent £50 more than I thought! Dejected, this week I didn't bother counting, got to the till and found I was under the £80. I had to buy washing powder to make it up!