Saturday, 26 May 2012

Clothes for "free" today

How convenient that the girls have been asking for new clothes for the holiday next week, just as Tesco put on a Double Up Clubcard voucher offer.  Having stashed away about £90 of vouchers, I was able to exchange £50 of vouchers for £100 of clothes today!

Each was able to choose £50 of clothes of their own choice - tops, shorts, trousers, summer sandals, etc which they are looking forward to taking on holiday, so I have got my fingers crossed that this nice weather holds out a little longer.

And it cost me?  Not one penny.  Thanks, Tesco - you have your uses, but I am still not keen on the fruit and veg you sell.  I am not going to be getting quite so many vouchers in the future now that I do more of my shopping at Lidl's.


The Squirrel Family said...

Thanks for the reminder, we have some vouchers to use up. I don't shop there at all now but we have their credit card. We use it for all payments and pay in full each month and get the vouchers for all our spending

DS needs new summer clothes so I guess thats where I will be tomorrow!

silversewer said...

I stopped using Tesco for anything other than things I just cannot get in Aldi ages ago.

Most of the produce etc that Aldi sells comes from local sources, so no food miles. The quality of their fruit and veg is excellent and I have never had any trouble if I have had a complaint, which I must admit is not very oftrn.

I have occsionally found something on its way out and when given to the assistants I have always been thanked for pointing out the problem. The staff are courteous and if a queue starts to form they immediately open another checkout. When they are not needed checkout staff are shelf filling.

Aldi gets my vote everytime.

Mrs Thrifty said...

What a productive day. I don't get the vouchers I used to but they still come in handy. I usually swap them for treats - restaurant trips or magazine subscriptions xx