Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wide Fen skies

Driving home from dropping the YFG at her piano lesson today, I was very glad I had popped the camera into my bag! These sunset views really give you an impression of the size of the landscapes out here, and those huge Fen skies. On a clear day, we can see across the fields for miles! This one is on the edge of the village.

This one is out of the village on the road to the town. We pass through about 6 miles of this kind of open space before we get to a slightly more inhabited area for a couple of miles before we hit town. Plenty of fields - several full of leeks at the moment, although there are lots of hard working people out there in all weathers up to their knees in mud, picking them this week! The air smells of leeks as we drive along the road.

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