Thursday, 19 January 2012

Totting up again

I didn't get to stay at home today, as I had to go out unexpectedly - the FH was going to go on the piano run but then it turned out that he wasn't able to do so.

I nipped into the Co-op for more bits and pieces, because the natives are getting a little bit restless about the lunchboxes! There was a huge stash of things from AF and Rosspa which came before Christmas which were "lunchbox-designated" and they have now munched their way through it all. They will take home made things in their boxes, but they do like a packet of crisps now and again. Or a KitKat, perhaps, especially when in need of a chocolate hit!! I don't want to spend a big lump of money on the delivery of an AF/Rosspa order this month, so I am plodding along, picking up bits for them here and there. We had run out of carrots as well - and the YFG does enjoy a chopped carrot in her lunchbox (she can't bite it because of the braces she is wearing).

So, it looks like this:

Crisps (2 multipacks on offer) £1.80
Weetabix (chocolate ones) (24) £2.00
Loaf 0.83
Red Leicester cheese £2.97
Carrots (reduced) 0.35
Bananas £1.26

The total is £9.21 - which would have been within budget if I hadn't bought the sack of potatoes, so I am saying no more!!

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