Friday, 20 January 2012

Getting lonely here

Reading about the problems others have been having with their comments, and wondering why no one had absolutely anything to say about my sunsets or baking, I thought I might be having the same issues - so I have been fiddling around with the settings! Perhaps now I will get a comment or two?!!


Angela said...

Hi Morgan
Hoping this works
I have been neglecting Explorer in favour of Google Chrome and getting better results re comments [on other blogs and managing my own]
However I havent worked out a quick way to transfer my 'favourites' bar from IE to GC yet!

Loved your recent bread making post!

blessings xx

Morgan said...

Perhaps that is why I haven't had any problems myself since I have been using Chrome for a while now and find it much better than IE or even Firefox.

Thanks for saying "Hi" xx

Albedo said...

If it's any help, my browsing habits contribute to my slowness, or lack, of response. I rarely visit my computer more than once a day, usually mid-afternoon, so most of the blog posts I come across are already nearly a day old by the time I read them (the UK ones, anyway). Also, I don't stay on for very long, not since I gave up my own blog, so don't feel inclined to comment on very much at all.
Doesn't stop me reading and enjoying what I DO read though!

Scarlet said...

I've switched to Google Chrome too, and swapped my blog settings from embedded comments to a pop-up box.It was really frustrating until I read about how to sort things out on another blog.