Wednesday, 4 January 2012

No Spend Day

I haven't ventured out today, so I am pleased to record a NSD. The FH will be taking the YFG to her piano lesson tomorrow and whilst she is in there, he will need to pop to the shops as I am building up a little shopping list of things I am running out of which we need to replace!

I have made cheese scones tonight as the YFG wanted them for her lunchbox tomorrow - but she has scoffed at least three since she got home from her Guides meeting tonight. Because I made those, I need more cheese...

I watched a new cookery programme tonight which was amazing - The Fabulous Baker Brothers. It was on Channel 4 at 8.30pm, and I would definitely try to see it again next week. Click on my link and it will take you to an info page from where you can go to the recipes as well - they made some really yummy looking "sticky sticks" which are like long thin doughnuts which they fried, rolled in sugar and then dipped in fresh chocolate sauce!! Kind of wish we lived in Gloucestershire!


Albedo said...

I like cheese scones too, but our limited carb regime at the moment rules out too many treats!
NSDs are a regular feature of our life here in the Hebrides as we only go into town to shop once a week and maybe venture out elsewhere once a fortnight, which makes roughly 11 No Spend Days out of every 14 (unless you count church collection on Sunday, in which case it's down to 9).

Morgan said...

I don't count church collection either.

I am unsure about the usefulness of NSDs, but I am trying it out for now. I don't go shopping out shopping often either, but the wonders of the internet mean that it is easier than ever to spend money without venturing out the front door. It helps to consciously keep a lid on it!