Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Grocery Challenge update

Today I had to make a trip to town to take a friend home who had come out to the village on the bus. The EFG hitched a ride as she wanted to buy a small gift for a friend's birthday, so we went to Sainsbury's.

I could kick myself as I forgot to buy the self raising flour which was too expensive in the Co-op!!

I did make some purchases though, and just about used up this week's money, but do bear those potatoes in mind, and be kind! I may go over this week...but I am going to really try not to.


Gluten-free flour £1.75
Clover spread £1.00
Mushrooms £1.00
Parsnips 0.63 (for two parsnips for tea tonight)
An organic cucumber £1.30 (The YFG wanted it to go in her sandwiches for school - I only let them have home-grown or organic because I don't like the way normal cucumbers are grown)

All that comes to £5.68, leaving us £4.07 - I think the Sealed pot may go hungry from this week's grocery challenge money!

How's your week going?


saving for travel said...

LOL! Poor sealed pot. Sounds like you are doing well with the grocery challenge though!

Sft x

Karen said...

I think a few sealed pots are going hungry this week! Your grocery challenge is still going well. I think I'm starting to get into the swing of things this week and still not spending a penny after doing the weeks shopping. I am finding the menu planning a great help also sticking to my list.