Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Savings success

Tomorrow we are going to pick up my new-to-us Skoda Fabia (a black 2005 version of the car above) and I have just been doing some calculations to see what its purchase has done to the family fortunes.

I sold the Vectra for £500 so that is in hand to go towards the Fabia. The Fabia is costing me £1500, so a balance of £1000 has been required to be found.

Today I went to the bank to withdraw that money, so that I can pay the owner the cash in the morning. Tonight, I have been looking at the figures, and have just given the FH the good news:

Due to all the savings, the challenges, the sales of the DVDs, the YouGov contribution and the scrimping I have done in January, although I have just withdrawn £1000 from the bank, we are only actually £144 worse off than we were at the beginning of the month.


I am fairly sure I can recoup that in this space!


saving for travel said...

Wow! That is a brilliant result!

Looking forward to seeing what you achieve in February.

Sft x

silversewer said...

I know you will love the Fabia, we have had three, the last one I bought in 2009 is a greenline, uses diesel and costs just £25 a year in road tax. 600 miles to a full tank.

Well done on raising the money without doing too much damage to the savings,

Wannabe Sybil said...

Well done! You need to keep this and remember this as a triumph to keep you going when times get really tough!

With the stocking up - could you put aside eg £5 per week until you get a good bit and use that stash to stock up on bargains? Or could you put aside any pennies you have saved on a bogof or cut price and use that to stock up on eg approved food or when tesco have a really genuine sale?

And give yourself credit - it is hard to save that sort of money! WS x

Gill - That British Woman said...

well done, that is great to be able to purchase a "new to you" car and not to be any worse off.

Gill in Canada