Monday, 16 January 2012

Money in my pocket

Just popping in to say that I have had two "No Spend Days" in a row, and that the bank balance is looking healthy because most of the shopping I am doing is in a small Co-op rather than a large Tesco! Less choice but less temptation...

Having said that, I refused to pay over £1 for 1.5kg self raising flour the last time I was in the Co-op as I know that I can get it for 52p in Tesco - even Sainsbury's is likely to be cheaper that the Co-op! I am therefore going to have to make a trip to one or t'other later this week.

More chocolate traybake made today for the girls and their lunchboxes. Mind you, I think that the YFG has had a couple of slices already. She has been at home today with a headache and a pain behind her eyes - she used to get a lot of migraines so it was better to keep her off because once it develops, she gets pretty bad very quickly. Thankfully she slept it off this morning, and when I came home from a meeting at school, she and the FH were watching a DVD and she was feeling better, so she will be back at school in the morning.

Hope you are all doing well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan, good job on the no spend days - I walked around Sainsburys on Sunday and kept saying to hubby 'no we can't buy that it's 50p dearer than Morrisons' by the end of the shop he asked why we didn't just go to Morrisons?! Good question lol!!

Karen S Booth said...

I love no spend or low spend days......I am always thrifty and love spending less rather than more, and I will walk that extra mile to get it!
My blog has moved by the way...from blogger to Wordpress here:

Morgan said...

Thanks, Karen - will have to sort my blogroll out!