Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stocking up storage

The store cupboards in the garage are well stocked and look a little different now from how they did back when we first put them there. This picture is the bottom of the second one, and has lots of home made pickles, as well as tinned fruit and peas, enchilada kits, biscuits, crisps, cat litter and a few sweets.

This is the top half of that second cupboard, and has most of our home made jams, marmalades and pickles here. The tinned meat and fish are also in this area, as well as noodles, sauces and spreads.

This is the first cupboard that featured in the original post. This one houses the various flours in those storage boxes, UHT milk, icing sugar, rice, pasta, squash and juices, spare spices, pasta sauces and suet, and soups. The baked beans, vinegar and Camp coffee also find their home here.

I think we are fairly well stocked in this kind of goods, and I buy things when they are on offer, when I find them on the Approved Food or Rosspa websites, and I really try not to run out of things! We have a mini blackboard in the kitchen and the idea is that once we start using the last of something, we write it down on the board so that we know we need more. Saying that, I try to keep a handle on what we have and how many we have, so that if I see something at a good price, I know whether it would be good to buy a few, even if we haven't actually officially run out!

I do keep the garage locked up as the chicken food is also stored in here, and I would hate to lose any of it all!!


saving for travel said...

When can I move in? That's an amazing store! Wow!

Well done on all those delicious looking jams and pickles!

Sft x

Wannabe Sybil said...

That is amazing, and so organised! I am desperately impressed! WS x

Morgan said...

Thanks, Sybil! And Sft, too - kind comments indeed!

Living where we do, and not always feeling like driving to the shops, this is a very useful standby cupboard, and I am finding it a huge blessing.

Finding shops like AF and Rosspa has also been an amazing blessing which has made life easier and my bank balance a little less stressed!