Sunday, 8 January 2012

Recycling scones

Friday night was baking night here in the Fens, and I cooked up a storm, as they say! A sponge cake, the French baguettes, pizzas, and Paul Hollywood scones (two links there - one to tell you who he is, and one to the recipe).

The scones are pretty good, the folks say, but they do need to be eaten the day they are made, and since I didn't make them until the evening, they didn't all get eaten. Today I have recycled those that were left to make a type of bread-and-butter pudding but with the scones as the base instead of bread.

They had risen up quite well, so I was able to slice through each one to make three pieces, which I then buttered and put a layer in the bottom of a dish.

A handful of mixed dried fruit and half a tablespoon of brown sugar finished the first layer off.

Another layer of buttered scones and then more fruit and sugar.
I sprinkled a sachet of the instant value custard powder over the base and then poured over some ever-so-slightly out-of-date double cream which had been mixed with four beaten eggs and a drop or two of milk. This made the custard.

I thought this would be ideal for trying out the new mini-oven, and it fitted just perfectly into the oven space. 200C for about half an hour and it smelt gorgeous!

And this is the finished product. The folks have eaten half of it for supper tonight, and then the rest is stashed in the fridge for tomorrow.

These Grocery Challenges do concentrate the mind on reducing waste and maximising every penny I spend!


Karen said...

Your bread and butter pudding looks devine, I would never have thought of using scones for the base, what a brilliant and frugal idea.

Morgan said...

Apparently it did taste rather good! I am wheat and dairy free so I couldn't indulge, but the FH and EFG both enjoyed it. The YFG doesn't like dried fruit so it wasn't up her street at all!

This is one of the reasons I read recipe books - I get ideas although I quite often don't follow the recipes! I remembered seeing a recipe for this using brioche and so I thought (hoped!) it would work with scones - and it did. xx