Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday twitterings

Gosh, today has been a here, there and everywhere kind of day!

I had to take the YFG to the doctor's this morning about her lovely ganglion which has sort of disappeared, but the advice was minimal and almost a waste of an hour and a half.

I have done some shopping, since I was in town, and passing the potato merchant:

25kg sack of Picasso potatoes (highly recommended) £5.50

At the Co-op:
Two bags of apples (Russets, and Braeburns) £3.50
Loaf of bread 0.83
1/2 lb mince, reduced £1.42

The total grocery spend for today is £11.25 although it includes a bag of potatoes which will probably last us a month or more, but I am not going to get into a complicated system of "buying" a smaller quantity each week. A chunk of this week's money has been spent and that is that!!

That leaves £9.75 for any other spending needed this week....

AND Mrs Mac's prize is on its way - it should make it to you within 7 working days, I am assured by the lady at the Post Office. Sorry it is a day later than I had hoped getting started.

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saving for travel said...

We buy sacks of potatoes too, they work out much better value don't they!

Sft x