Thursday, 12 January 2012

Time and money in the freezer

Last week the YFG wanted tuna pasta for her tea, so I made rather a large batch - bit too much really! Before starting this Grocery Challenge, I would have chucked the leftovers to the chickens, perhaps, or put them in the bin. But this time, I divided the leftovers between two little foil containers and stashed them in the freezer.

Cue last night. Two hungry girls coming home from Guides after everyone else had eaten, and it was easy to pull the two portions from the freezer, zap them in the microwave and their tea was ready! Saved money - saved time - result!!

Now I need to turn my attention to perking up their lunchboxes - the YFG has gone off this morning with a Special K bar, a chopped apple, a chopped carrot, a frozen Frube and a packet of crisps. The crisps and SK bar came from AF so didn't cost a lot, and the Frubes were bought cheaply as they were close to their use-by date, but I froze them so they are OK. I wish that there wasn't so much "bought" stuff in there, and that she would take a sandwich or a wrap or a roll, but she doesn't seem to want those and always moans about them :-( There's definitely work to do in that department! The EFG isn't quite so bad but is stuck in her ways a little and likes the same things day-in day-out so gets huffy if I run out or don't buy the same things. I need to talk with her about variety being the spice of life and all that!!


mallowlark said...

I think one of my sisters had the same lunch every school day for about three years (or complained bitterly). I think I'd have complained bitterly if you'd tried to feed me the same lunch for that long...

If the YFG doesn't doesn't like anything sandwich-like in her lunchbox, how about pasta/rice/couscous salad? Or even a mix of raisin, peanuts, and some sort of savoury little biscuits/crostini/croutons?

P.S. Your giveaway fits very nicely with my resolution to comment more often on the blogs I read...

Morgan said...

Hi Mallowlark! Welcome and thanks for commenting.

I shall pass those ideas on and see what she thinks, although she doesn't like raisins and I'm not sure they are allowed nuts, but the pasta salad would be a good idea as she loves pasta.