Sunday, 8 January 2012

Economical energy

We bought the new mini-oven in Lidl's on Thursday because I had seen it recommended on Frugal Queen's blog, and having had the energy monitor for several months now, I have become aware of how much electricity the main oven uses.

This afternoon, I cooked the scone pudding, some roast potatoes and a half-batch of scones for tomorrow's lunchboxes. Whereas the energy monitor would have been up in the high 40s or low 50s if I had had the main oven on, the mini oven never pushed the monitor beyond 18p/hour. And it wasn't the only thing on - there was a tv, 2 laptops and a couple of lights on as well!

The roast potatoes were pretty scrummy!

And there are just enough scones left for the lunchboxes as they have been tested!


Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan
I've been mulling over buying one of these ovens for ages- I'm doing the no spend challenge, but the thought of reducing our electricity usage is very tempting.

saving for travel said...

Sounds like a great buy!

Great news on energy use.

You're doing great!

Sft x

Morgan said...

Hi Laura

I understand the No Spend challenge, and I appreciate where you are coming from BUT although I am also trying to have a Low spend month, I also know that the way Lidl works, this offer won't be around another month! Lakeland has a similar kind of oven on its website which I could buy anytime, but it is another £100 on top of what I paid for this one!
I'm concentrating on the groceries to save this month, and I suppose I am "sweating the small stuff" - I already bought a washing machine this month because we needed one.

All things in moderation, including challenges!

Thanks for commenting, guys xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

I got a mini oven (that looks inferior to yours lol) from Amazon quite inexpensively. I haven't got an energy monitor and my main oven is weird and gas and grossly unreliable. I just find the mini oven so much easier - easier to clean, and with my joints and having the oven on a counter it is much easier to get stuff in and out of! WS