Sunday, 15 January 2012

Menu planning this week

Keeping to the theme of eating mostly from the storecupboards and freezers, the menu for the week ahead is looking good. There's plenty of food around, and lots of inspiration available from books, magazines and the internet.

Monday - Fish and home made chips, peas
Tuesday - Beef and vegetable curry with rice
Wednesday - Chicken thighs in casserole with root veg, roast potatoes, green veg
Thursday - Salmon quiche, baked beans, baguettes.
Friday - Leek and potato soup, apple crumble and custard
Saturday - Homemade lasagne/enchiladas from freezer
Sunday - Roast pork, roast potatoes, vegetables.

The shopping list? Well, so far I know I need to buy another sack of potatoes, which is going to cost me £5.50. I am sure that there will be a need for lunchbox fruit as well as some veg.

Do you menu plan?


saving for travel said...

Yes we do but we don't have your variety. It sounds delicious.

Sft x

Scarlet said...

I menu plan, and I'm eating out of the freezer, cupboards and stockpile this month. Once my husband is paid on 26th January I will be changing to using the envelope system and using cash to cover all shopping needs, having menu planned for the month ahead. I have allowed £100 per month to feed 3 of us, and hope to have money left each month.

Morgan said...

Hi Scarlet - thanks for commenting! Have had a quick nip round your blog tonight - love the look of those pies you made!

Good luck with your own grocery challenge - it's best to use whatever system suits you. I have a big spreadsheet with lots of columns for different categories of spending, and record day-to-day spends in my diary and then tot the spreadsheet up.

Hope to see you back again xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

You are doing so well - I am watching with interest for inspiration. You are a much more adventurous cook than I am! WS x

Morgan said...

Thanks, Sybil - I guess it is in degrees as I don't think that that is particularly adventurous! It's all pretty basic, what my dad calls good plain cooking! I don't do a lot of pfaffing about...

Hugs xx