Thursday, 5 January 2012

Grocery Challenge update

We haven't spent the whole of this week's £21 yet, thank goodness!

So far, I've spent:
Crisps £1.00
Weetabix £1.99
Squash £1.53
Clementines (big bowlful off the market) £1.00
Cheese (2 for £6 offer) £6.00
Peperami for pizzas £2.35

Total so far £13.87

That leaves £7.13 in the pot, which will go into the sealed pot if it doesn't get spent. I do think more will be spent at the weekend on vegetables, though.


saving for travel said...

But maybe not all so that sealed pot can have a little snack!


I think you're doing great.

Sft x

Karen said...

Well done with your budget, that will be a huge saving.