Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tuesday twitterings

I have spent a lot of time in the chicken runs today hence the twitterings in the title!! We have had a very productive day, the FH and I.

The YFG spent all day playing with her friend, T, here and there - they were here in the morning and early afternoon, lunching on HM macaroni cheese, then at 3.30pm, T's mum took them to their roller skating date. When they came back, they were skipping at T's house for a while until they returned for tea here at 8pm, playing here afterwards until 9pm when T's dad came to retrieve her for bedtime! The EFG has had a similarly sociable day, disappearing to her friend T's house (different T, obviously) until they came back here to watch DVDs. T went home at about 6.30pm and all went quiet!!

So, the FH and I have been in the garden most of the day. We have put two new windows in to the new chicken shed, because a) it was a bit dark in there and b) we were given the windows! One each side of the house has made a huge improvement to the amount of light in there, and I am so pleased with it all. I have also watered the cucumbers with 4 buckets of water from my water butt, picked a load of tomatoes and distributed them around some of the neighbours as we still have most of the last picking to eat, cleaned out a section of the chicken house and put some young chicks in to a new house and run so that they have a little more room, pulled up the beetroot (aaaargh! must go and get them in!!) and trimmed a lot of shoots off the tomato plants so that the sun can ripen the tomatoes (I know, I know, its the warmth, not the sunlight, but they get warmer when the sun can actually shine on them, surely!?!).

I have also been making some phone calls to people I needed to catch up with, and (whispers) I ordered a couple of books from Amazon - and I am now clued up to being able to earn Nectar points at Amazon - oh, the shame of all the points I have been missing out on! I am also earning Nectar points through searches on a toolbar - 50 a month - glad the new month starts tomorrow as I hit 50 a few days ago.

Just washed the kitchen floor and need to go and fold some washing now, to get a head start on tomorrow - the very last day of the school holidays!!!!!!!

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Poppy's Place said...

Hi Morgan, I hope the YFG enjoys her new school tomorrow. I sure it will go wonderfully. Jane xx