Saturday, 21 August 2010

Another birthday celebration in the Fens

The EFG turned 14 today - I can't believe it has been so long since I was just a brand new mum struggling with a newborn and totally scared!! We have come such a long way since then....
The YFG was at her sleepover last night, so we opened the EFG's presents quite quietly this morning and she was pleased to get all she asked for - a big pack of Sharpies, new CD, Remember Me DVD and her phone, to replace the one that got washed. I took her to the cinema to see The Last Airbender - which was good, I have to say. I was dubious, but I'd go to see the sequel if it is made. We then hit Tesco to buy the ingredients for her birthday tea, and then came home and collapsed - she to read her new book that she bought yesterday and me to mull over the newspaper. My legs were seriously aching from yesterday's walking, so I really wasn't up to doing much this afternoon!

I made the tea quite late, and we ate at about 8pm, so we are now getting ready to head towards bed. It's been a nice day, but the last few days have taken their toll on the YFG, what with yesterday's outing, the sleepover and then a swimming party today - she is exhausted!

UJ has been away to Wiltshire for nearly a week, so he is coming over tomorrow to share his news and have some tea. I think he will be bringing plums too - if they are the right kind, I may try to make some plum chutney as we have plenty of frozen plums already so it might be a good idea to try something new with this batch!!

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